New Citizen Design is an agent, consultant and producer of design and design thinking.

We collaborate with both established and talented designers to create inspiring and aesthetic products for the new citizen’s living and working environment. We have a portfolio of design products and landscape art, curated on their consciousness for a sustainable society and the well being of its citizens. All of our designers have a story to tell.

We provide content to our client’s intent and help it shape, using the specific brainpower of our designers. Our strategic consultancy is a combination of corporate and design thinking and enhances creative business ideas, strategies and product(line)s, through workshops and design journeys.

We develop and offer ‘artisan design’ in a co-creation between our designers and local craftspeople worldwide.

We call our approach The Dutch Approach because we work from what moves people and makes them feel comfortable. From there on, a spark is added to enhance a playful functionality and a triggering message.




The Dutch Approach